How to write articles that sells!


1. Know The Heading

A killer title is often considered an essential perquisite to deciding whether the readers are actually going to read your article or not. The first lesson on how to write an article is to decide on the title and mould your body in accordance to the killer theme.

2. Write The Beginning

You can then start with a brief introduction about your product. The first two to three lines are all about describing your article in brief. In fact, this is all you have to lure the reader to continue with your article. Hence, keep it attractive and to the point.

3. The Body Needs To Be Appropriate

The third step on how to write an article deals with the main body of the article. Over here, you need to describe the product in details. You need to share and compare information details in this section.

4. Finish The Article With A Suitable Footer

After having written a wonderful body, the next step is to complete the article after a suitable re-cap. This is supposed to be the last paragraph, which is nothing but a paraphrase of your entire article. It has to be written with care as it would leave a lasting impact on the minds of the readers.

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